(not going to finish) Production web serving with Cygwin - PHP, Ruby on Rails & ColdFusion

Note: I'm not going to finish this article as ultimately I ran into problems with Cygwin so migrated to running all Windows-native tasks. Still, in its raw state someone might find some use out of it.


Automatically link Redmine tasks with Subversion code

Here's a really great feature of Redmine that I just love. When you are committing code changes in Subversion, if you enter an issue/task number preceeded by a pound sign, e.g. #42, when you view the repository in RedMine it will automatically link to the task number from the commit message. Very handy!


Redmine - excellent RoR-based project management tool

I've just been converted to a tool called Redmine, a combination of the ubiquitous Trac and something like ActiveCollab. Able to work directly with Subversion code repositories, Redmine gives you support for multiple projects, per-project tasks, content management (blog, news, document management, wiki), both a calendar and GANTT chart to view progress, a very comprehensive user management system that can even authenticate against LDAP (i.e.


Subversion's one problem

I've used the document revision management system Subversion for a few years now and find it to be an excellent tool that has never given me any problems. Until this week, that is. I was helping to set it up on a web server that has Fedora Core 4 as its OS - we wanted to have a central code repository for the various projects we worked on and it was a logical step to place it there.



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