three positive things

Three positive things, day thirty six


Finally getting back to finishing writing on the day the fun happened. Doh!

The first positive thing today was my annual review at work. It went rather well, other than the fire alarm that caused an impromptu ten minute recess. ;-) More news soon. Or something.

The second positive thing was Kian finally starting to use a name for our 8yo rather than using the same word he uses for our 11yo. While he isn't quite able to say the word "Liam", saying "Yum" at least helps us understand who he's referring to. And it's funny hearing him say it :)

The third positive thing was jumping in for a quick round of Just Dance with the kids, in which I once again got a high score for Daft Punk's "Da Funk", besting my previous score. I'd resisted getting these games before, but we're having quite a lot of fun with them!

Three positive things, day thirty five


A busy Tuesday, work-wise, but there was still time for some good parts.

The first positive thing was sitting with Kian as he watched a bit of "My Neighbor Totoro", and watching him clap and cheer when the tree grows :-) It's my favorite movie and it was just wonderful to see him enjoy it so much.

The second positive thing was getting by to my ukulele class, having missed it for the previous two weeks. The instructor is just amazing, I feel so lucky to have a chance to learn a fun instrument from someone who's both an incredibly skilled player and a brilliant teacher.

The third positive thing was arriving home from the class to hear that our eldest had done a great job of taking care of his baby brother while their mom had a bit of a break.

Three positive things, day thirty three


(posting a few days late)

That was a fun Sunday. A funday Sunday. A Sunday funday.

The first positive thing was my awesomewife having some painkillers when I decided to throw out my back & neck while making sandwiches for a picnic. It seems my body was repulsed at the thought of eating a sandwich at a park and decided to make its opinion known by causing me pain and making me unable to move much. Thankfully a combination of heavy duty muscle cream, pain killers and a muscle relaxant had resolved the problem by the next day.

The second positive thing was discovering a pretty nice park in Western Massachusetts. It's close to some stores we go to occasionally, so times we go shopping there we now have a park to take the kids to so they can burn off some energy.

The third positive thing was visiting some old friends whom we hadn't seen in a few months. We've both had some changes in our lives since we last saw each other, so it was nice to catch up. It was particularly interesting to hear stories of being an extra in the forthcoming third Ghostbusters movie, so I can't wait to see it to see if we can spot her :)

Three positive things, day thirty two


Saturday! Woot!

The first positive thing was taking a little time this morning to dig my way through a bunch of bug reports (and fixes) for a Drupal plugin (aka "module") that I maintain that interacts with Twitter, which I happen to use on this site. I figure I'm about a week or two away from releasing the first new versions the module has had in several years.

The second positive thing was going out with the family for a bit of post-dinner play time at a local school playground. We had the place to ourselves, so it was quiet and pretty relaxing, and myself and our two eldest ran our legs off playing tag.

The third positive thing was joining our two eldest for a round of Just Dance 3. Tonight's tune was "Da Funk" from Daft Punk, a tune I was familiar with, but I'd never seen the game's dance moves before. Anyway, long story short, the game thought I did a better job that the other two - I still got it ;-)

Three positive things, day thirty one


So the first positive thing is that I made it past thirty posts in this series! Woot!

The second positive thing was Kian saying "I have a blue dragon [stuffed animal]", or as he put it "I have boo gnah-gnee" :-D

The third positive thing was an extension of something that happened yesterday. While our friend came over yesterday to learn Drupal, she brough her son along to play with our kids. Along with playing with Lego 'n things, they spent some time playing a Wii game he brought with him - Just Dance 3. Today our kids asked if we'd be willing to get them the game as they really had a lot of fun, and it'd be another form of exercise. So tonight we picked it up and.. they spent half an hour before bed dancing along with some songs they knew! It was fun to see them get into it, and we all joined in for a little bit. What was even more surprising was our 8yo asking if he could play it as soon as he got up in the morning - I guess it's a hit!


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