three positive things

Three positive things, day thirty


So, this is my thirtieth post. Woot.

The first positive thing today was finally finishing a tiny little Drupal module I wrote a while ago, mostly thanks to someone else out of the blue uploading some improvements for it. And that's how open source works :)

The second positive thing today was awesomewife setting up our small paddling pool for kids to play in. She then brought out Kian's small slide and set it up for him to slide into the pool - needless to say it was huge hit and he had a huge smile on his face when they came back in.

The third positive thing was getting back to doing the Drupal class with awesomewife and her friend and finally start to get somewhere with it. They're now finally getting into creating content, so next week we'll work on filling out their starter sites a little more. Baby steps.

Three positive things, day twenty nine


Hello Wednesday!

The first positive thing today was remembering to mute my microphone before blowing my nose during the plethora of calls I had today. I'll get the hang of this thing eventually! ;-)

The second positive thing was my #awesomewife surprising me with (mostly) homemade curry for lunch! Yum!

The third positive thing was my #awesomewife finishing her prep work for next year's homeschooling - everything's ready to go! She can now relax and not worry about it for the next week & a half. Yay!

Three positive things, day twenty eight


Another busy Tuesday, made more interesting by the fact that I had some colorful sinus problems. And by "colorful" I meant "green-ish, brown-ish ugh".

The first positive thing was working with "live, via satellite" with people in two different countries via conference call / screensharing. It was quite an interesting time.

The second positive thing was .. ahem.. forgetting that I had not muted my line and .. blowing my nose..... sinus problems, remember? ;-) Anyway, both times were during lulls in the conversation, so everyone just laughed, wondered what the heck the crazy noise was, and blew it off. Also, puns.

The third positive thing was watching Ponyo with the family after dinner. Kian hadn't seen it before but he was absolutely fascinated by it, and sat & watched the whole thing - he kept cheering "there he is" when he'd see Ponyo or Sōsuke :) While I prefer "My Neighbor Totoro", Ponyo is definitely a wonderful movie.

Three positive things, day twenty seven


It's August? Already? Who said it was allowed to be August already?

The first positive thing was Kian saying some new words. For the life of me I can't remember what they were, but his vocabulary is slowing increasing.

The second positive thing was noticing this story: I mean, how can you not laugh? :-)

The third positive thing was getting a little ukulele practice before hitting the hay, and finding which has the four notes you need for tuning it properly (I was singing the notes slightly incorrectly when I was doing it, so it was out of tune).


Three positive things, day twenty six


That was a pretty good Sunday :)

The first positive thing was a trip to a playground that my wife found online. It was at a school in a town called New Boston and it was surprisingly well taken care of, and fun :) One problem we have with many of the schools in the Keene area is that they don't take care of their playgrounds, so it was nice to see one that was in good shape.

The second positive thing was seeing an absolutely huge Lego replica of the old Manchester Millyard at the See Science Center. I've seen some large creations built in Lego before, but this was the first time seeing something at such scale. It took its creators several years to build and is pretty amazing, if you're into that sort of thing.

The third thing was simply having a pleasant, relaxing day with my #awesomewife and wonderful children :)


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