three positive things

Three positive things, day ten


This is a little late because, well, I was a little distracted by it being a pretty exhausting trip.

The first awesome thing was driving (with my friend and coworker Matt Goodwin - the family stayed home) to the UN office in NYC in 4 1/2 hours, including two stops. Yes, only four and half hours. The best case scenario was three hours, forty minutes, so to add two ~20 minute stops and still make it within that time was pretty incredible. Yes, we got up at 3am and were on the road by 4, all so that we could get to NYC for a meeting by 9:30. Needless to say, we made it.

The second awesome thing was attending the NYC Camp for the first time. There were lots of good things about the event, but most of it boiled down to being able to spend time with my coworkers and people I've gotten to know over the past few years.

The final awesome thing was.. being in NYC for the first time. I'd never visited before and I look forward to coming back sometime when I have a little time to sight-see.

Three positive things, day nine


A quick one because I'm late for bed.

First off, for my trip to NYC Camp tomorrow I was bumped from a standard sized car to an SUV. That'll make the 4+ hour drive (each way) a little more comfortable. And I never knew there could be so many different buttons for controlling the contours and position of the driver's seat ;-)

Secondly, picked up a surprise gift for a friend and her husband who married recently. Of course if they read this first it won't be much of a surprise ;-)

Thirdly, our 8yo cried for half an hour going to bed because he was going to miss me. He also had me pack one of his favorite toys to remember him by. I'll be back in two days, but it's still nice to know I'll be missed ;-) Our 11yo also gave me a small token to take, but he's seen me travel enough (once or twice per year) that he's comfortable with it.

And now - to sleep, perchance to dream. But they'd better be short dreams because I have to get up in 5 1/2 hours!

Three positive things, day eight


Three quick things tonight.

First off - yes, kittens. Today we left the basement door open, instead of keeping it closed. Our upstairs cat, Bolt, appreciated this as it meant he could go have some food or use the litter whenever he wanted, instead of waiting for us to open the door to the stairs. The two kittens explored a little bit, but were a little apprehensive of the huge open space so still stayed up stairs, where they spent almost the entire day bouncing around, jumping onto counters, and climbing the curtains. Because kittens.

Secondly - dinner. My awesome wife found a recipe last year that's a recreation of a lettuce wrap dish from a popular Asian-American restaurant. After she tried it one she realized it needed some improvements, so she added a few more ingredients to the second batch, and it has become or family's favorite meal ever since. And it's rather amazing with some Sriracha sauce.

Finally, while I was getting Kian ready for bed and I was carrying him around the bedroom, he pointed at the ceiling and looked up. I touched the ceiling and asked him if he wanted to touch it. He said he did. So I carefully lifted him up, allowing him to touch the ceiling, and he gave this wide-eyed look of awe. He then kept asking to touch the ceiling until we put him to bed - it became his new favorite thing. This honestly isn't too surprising, given he likes being upside-down so much.

Three positive things, day seven


So, today was rather work-laden again, but

The first thing was... (drumroll).. kittens. Yes, again :p So we've had them for about a month but we've been keeping them in the main upstairs bathroom while they were getting a little older, and recovering from a bit of an eye infection they carried home with themselves. Over the past week we've been letting them out more and more, each time for an hour or two, gradually getting them used to the house and the big things that stomp around the place all day. And trying to get Kian used to them, specifically getting him to be gentle with them. Anyway, today we actually had them out since about six am until near bedtime, and it went fine! We had a few awkward Kian-vs-kitten and kitten-vs-fridge-door moments, but we're learning to always expect a kitten to be under our feet pretty much at all times. So they're pretty comfortable at this point and we're all adjusting rather well.

The second thing was the start of a movie called "From the Dark" that's set in County Offaly, which is closed to where I grew up and where several school friends lived. While the movie may end up being a pile of.. something.. it was fun seeing old familiar road signs, a car with the driver on the right side, etc.

The third and most positive, and amazing, thing today was that I saw my mum on TV :) There's an independent Irish "TV" station available online called "Irish TV" and they have weekly segments from different counties. Today's segment on County Westmeath was focused on

Three positive things, day six


(This should have been posted last night but I forgot. Doh.)

A work-laden day still had some good stuff.

The first positive thing was - you guessed it - kittens. They were let out for a few hours around lunchtime and again after dinner time. One thing that was particularly cool was watching them play on Kian's small indoor slide - perfectly, disgustingly cute :)

The second positive thing was taking the kids to the park after dinner. We had a pretty good time playing, and then the family we met last week showed up out of the blue so we got to hang out with them for a little bit.

The third positive thing was having our ~24,000 photos finish uploading to our iCloud account so that they can be properly sync'd with both of our laptops. After the recent discovery that I'd lost three years worth of photos, including the first two years of our eldest's life, I was determined to ensure the photos were accessible from more than one computer. And now they are.


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